BLOG MONDO HR – Full Interview to:

Name: Francesco Palmieri
Field: Tourism, Publishing, Research, Divulgation, Non-Profit
Activity: Consultant, Project manager, Specialist Hospitality Trainer.

We had a talk with Francesco Palmieri, who during his professional career passed through many fields, starting from the hotel industry to communication. He studied in a professional institute which, from the second year, allowed him to learn a lot, putting together theory and practice, and to work during the summertime in the fields of bar, reception and hall. Palmieri worked in the hotel field for about 25 years, covering various functions, and observing the evolution of the technologies, of the methodologies and of the management used in the various hotel chains.
Once finished his studies of “Technician of the hotel activities”, he enrolled at University, at the Faculty of Sociology, in the social-economic course in Rome. He chose Rome for its strategic importance, considering the several cultural events and the infinite flexibility of jobs, which allowed him to work contemporarily in more than one project. During his second year he took the opportunity to participate to the selection of 30 applicants for a scholarship and a two year course in Enterprise Management, fostered by the Ministry for Work and by the European Social Fund. At the end of the course he studied and worked for six months in England. In the meantime, he had many jobs: from hotels, to the “Gigli” newsstand in Via Veneto as a consultant, newsagent and pollster for the collection of market data; he also was charged for two years as a teacher at the hotel schools “Tor Carbone” and “Sant’Arcisio” in Rome. At his third commission in other cities in the province of Rome he had to refuse for logistical problems. Then he was consultant in F&B and R&D manager at “Apollonia Restaurant” (Rome 1991-93).
In this context he realized an editorial project, “Inforome”, published in 1990, a bilingual monthly magazine with touristic information about the city of Rome, which allowed him to participate as an editor to many openings and events. The recession due to the Gulf War at the end of 1992 brought to the closedown of the headline, so he started to study as a PR. He then had the opportunity to make communication activities to promote single professionals or companies. Therefore he published new promotional products with a high added value and got into contact with the field of lithography; he started a training path as a consultant and trainee for the research and development of editorial projects. In this context, thanks to a competition by Assindustria, he attended a course on “International Business Management and Marketing”.
From 2000 to 2002 he held a position of R&D at the sports club Bio Fitness Center. This experience gave him the opportunity to be credited at the International Fitness Festival in Rimini, "Press" and to learn the importance of social relations linked to the well-being, "Value Added to Modernity".
In 2005 starting from a market survey, he created the editorial bilingual project "", (from 2008 on standby). That same year he met Maestro Luigi Le Voci, with whom a friendship immediately started. Amazed by his magnificence and by his being ignored by the institutions, he decided to take care of the Maestro’s public relations and he created the project “Le Voci in the world”, “Amoroma”. He created a bilingual webpage and brought a selection of his works around the world, thanks to the international divulgation of “Author’s Cards”, personalized and with his name and website, he took care of and digitalized his review of the papers, he published calendars, cards for the opening of events, with the aim of sharing and reinforcing the image of the artist all over the world. He therefore worked on the form of communication represented by the “author’s cards”. This project also brought him to collaborate as R&D with the lithograph and bookbinding industries “Grafica Pollino”, and to open in 2002 a web portal (, through which he continued his activity of research and development on the web as a divulgator, collecting and analyzing information and data, aimed at the management of the information flows, in order to spread to the society keys to the reading, allowing people to form their own opinion.
The idea of the management of information flows and their divulgation began in 1998 at the end of the course on enterprise management presented as a report/project at the Ministry for Work and ESF. From here started also the idea of realizing the project “National Wine Museum”. During this life made of more or less temporary jobs, putting together all his experiences, considering the difficulty of finding a place in the center of Rome, often also due to compromises beyond the business ethics, Palmieri reinforced his idea: the hotel can be considered a space inside which can be welcomed a museum devoted to culture and traditions and to the promotion and valorization of wine, to local rural realities, and to production as a historical reconstruction in all its educational aspects.
Palmieri observed, as a matter of fact, that in the hotels there are spaces not well used or not used at all, which can instead create added value and profitability. Furthermore, many hotels are not profitable compared to the services they offer, and they could get better organized, to offer better services to their guests and to the many tourists. Why should a hotel decide to host a museum devoted to wine? To attract tourists and guests, to distinguish itself, to express its uniqueness and to create something cultural, educational. Furthermore the museum would contribute to the valorization of the Italian typical products: inside the museum it would be possible to taste wines and to exchange contacts in order to be able to find the bottles again even after. A ticket could be paid (e.g. 10 Euros), therefore there would be an economic income. The market studies made by Palmieri show that the idea is innovative, that no hotel in Rome today is equipped for a museum of this kind.
Palmieri is therefore looking for a location, a hotel in Rome and a sponsor, in order to start the initiative. We wish him to find soon people interested, while we bring to your attention his portal, site of the museum: ( -